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Terms & Conditions
Tweneboa is an artist who lives the music and art as a life mission, the purpose of his performances and most of the demonstrations  public and private have only promotional and informative purposes. The goal is to get to the heart of the people, promoting the messages and disseminate the concepts that are the basis of all his work. Furthermore the aim is to sensitize people as possible to knowledge and musical culture both in Italy and abroad since art is the basis of the evolution of each individual. Through the various concerts and live performances the ultimate goal is to create a sensitive public that follows, and share his music and various events concerning the artist.
Besides being a totally independent songwriter and not being followed by any booking agency, the dates written in the DATES section of the website is for information only and are not always actually completed. This is also true as regards all other informative web resources where Tweneboa appears like facebook, twitter, instagram and more.
For promotional reasons and as a personal mission, the artist aims and actively participates in cultural exchanges with some associations and organizations that are sensitive to culture, to arts and music and organizing exhibitions , live shows and concerts.
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